Terry and I were "AB" ing cables last night. The UHA Phase 12 deck has been equipped with Crystal Piccolo for a couple months. We like this cable because it is very thin, and flexible and easy to run. The downside to it...it takes years to fully burn in.

Last night we were playing tapes and I was thinking our record play back machines are sometimes very close to the deck (not that often though). Last week we repositioned the Tube Man, Tube Guru line/phono stage and freed up a long run of EnKlein. We thus replaced the Crystal with the EnKlein and the tape machine was retested on the same tape. The layering was now immense and the detail was better than the Crystal. The sense of musical space opened up to such an extent we thought we had a different system.

I encourage readers to keep trying new tricks, change cables and not rest on your laurels. What you think may be of reference may actually not be. This test (of course) is not considering price differential, but none the less, the lesson learned is to keep testing and trying new set ups, wire changes... etc.

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