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Thread: So Much for MQA?

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    Pure marketing hyperbole ... MQA has no future in the world of serious engineers in my view, it’s a corporate money scheme at this point.
    That is exactly what I'm talking about!

    no one should even think about lossy formats in the high end audio. lossy formats ruined the digital music. that's what apple did to the audio industry.

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    I know that a lot of people say that they like streaming because it introduces them to new artists, but I've found that I still would rather just go get a record based off of a recommendation (or whatever), take it home and play it from the start. After all, that's how I'd want someone to listen to my music and it's not like I'm out selling records every month because I ended up buying a bunch of crappy albums. In fact, I actually don't think that I've been disappointed with really anything I've bought via this method and I find that it's much closer to the experience of checking out a new band; wherein you go to a club based on word of mouth and hear the artist out. I'm not saying Tidal and the like are all bad. It's just not a very natural way of experiencing art. Too much of a good thing, having every painting all in one museum. What's the fun in that?

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    You are right. Physical products are more enjoyable to look at and listen to, but I'd rather FLAC files to CDs.

    I'm using streaming apps like Spotify just for discovering new music. It's not really for listening pleasure, It's just for worth to buy measure.

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    Hires audio files - Downloads for free:
    MQA included.

    Speaking of hard core physical music discs (LPs and CDs) versus streaming:

    And analog LPs this year in the UK:

    All is quiet on the waterfront.

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