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Thread: New CEC TLN2 review, HIFI Stars

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    New CEC TLN2 review, HIFI Stars

    Excerpt from Hifi Stars: Review CEC TL 2N - Double Belt Drive CD Transport

    A true gem of a CD Transport!

    "..Thank god, companies such as CEC exist who have spent decades
    consequently working towards an objective of achieving the most authentic
    sound experiences as possible with the technical further development
    of CD playback and always come up with brilliant innovations.

    The new CEC TL 2N CD drive is undoubtedly one of them..
    I can clearly understand the manufacturer’s statement for a
    voluminous, spatial yet very detailed sound pattern..”

    (Hifi Stars - 09-2017)

    Review Link Here

    Link To CEC News Page
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    CEC has a long standing reputation of making great transports. It's funny, in these days of MQA, streaming and hi-rez downloads I still listen to CDs. I like the process of putting the disk in the machine and the CD systems I use are outstanding. Plus, CDs are dirt cheap on the second hand market. Hi-rez sounds better but it's still digital
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