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Thread: GamuT Company Tour August 2017

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    I just finished part one of the GamuT factory tour. I've owned at least 5 or 6 pairs of B&W speakers over the years and never knew the cabinets were made in Denmark. The last two pairs of B&W speakers I reviewed (800D and CM10) the shipping carton said made in China. Makes me wonder if the cabinets could have still been made in Denmark on the later models? And what part of the speaker was made in China?


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    I don't know what Peter meant by made in Denmark but B&W 800 and 802 are made in England. Maybe Peter meant raw material of the cabinet like those thin layers of the beech.

    B&W is very High End company unlike most of the High End brands and they have all machinery they needed. For High End products like 800 and 802 the whole process is there.

    You can see how they make cabinet in England:

    800 D3:

    Previous Version of 800:

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    All initial wood bending was done at Kvist with Denmark engineering, as it was told to me- all other manufacturing was in the UK. Also, as I view the B&W videos, I see machines that look exactly like the Kvist machines. Kvist employs 150 people in Denmark, and 400 to 500 in Latvia. The newer models may be different. They may be buying the sheets from Kvist or using Kvist made machines today, but I don't know for sure. Another tid bit of info... what country does the best lacquering? Hint (forbidden city).

    I will also add that the CEO of Kvist made these statements of the manufacturing of the B&W speaker cabinets, considering that the company is one of the world's largest furniture manufacturers (not loudspeakers) there is little reason to mislead the viewer. My take away (after viewing these videos) is that B&W subcontracted the cabinet manufacture for years and that it was moved in house only recently. As I traverse the world of high end audio from the inside I find many things of fact I never thought possible... stealing ideas, creating demand for new technologies that are unproven, subcontracting all aspects of design and manufacturer, misleading marketing, in other words... business as usual for all other industries but in our industry it is somehow different; feathers get ruffled, fingers get pointed, forums explode and hatred is made public.

    Back to my hint... the leading country of lacquering, China, makes some of the finest loudspeaker cabinets in the world.
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    B&W have those bending machines for more than 9 years (the machine on the 3rd video).

    Peter, I totally agree. Stealing Ideas is very bad thing and many companies are just stealing ideas. The worst thing about that is all of them denying it.

    I don't know who invented bending plywood machine first but certainly it's not in the Audio or furniture Industry. These type of woods have been used on many things. Even on military aircraft back to the 1940. but every company can buy wood bending machinery. I know some brands like Orma Macchine, Saga Machinery, JYE , ...

    I think CEO of Kvist meant they are providing raw beech layers for B&W which is great. Because some Europeans have the best wood for making plywood. providing raw beech layers for B&W means Kvist has really great woods.

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