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Thread: Next step - integrated amplifier

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    Next step - integrated amplifier

    Hi everybody

    I am new in this forum and i can not wait to hear your opinion in this matter. My english is not very good, so i hope you will bear with me

    I live in Denmark and have a passion for music. I think it is hard to discribe how i like the precentation of the music through my speakers but i will try:

    I like when the music is precented fluently with natural timber, i need the soundstage to be deep with a wide background with many layers.
    I need space around the instruments and voices and realism in this matter as well. (very important)
    I need the music and instruments to be powerfull, but it must be between the speakers in the soundstage and around me (not in my stomach ) so that the music and i feels a live.
    I need a linear coherence from top to bottom in the soundstage.
    Therefore i think high resolution- and low noise floor equipment is important.

    I rare listen to music very loud. I do not need to feel the music physical (my compromise) but it's nice to have, not need to have.
    I like to listen to live acoustic concerts in real life so i can relate to how different instruments sound, and how this should sound through my speakers.

    I often listen to music in the morning before the kids is awake, and after they are put to sleep in the evening.

    Now to the question: what is my next step on my integrated amplifier jurney so that i can say that i do not need to upgrade this for a very long time? (does it ever end )

    My system today: Harbeth SHL5 speakers, Moon 260d transport, North star Incanto DAC with DSD (but i never use the upsample when i listen to cd. It has a very low noice floor) Lavardin IS Ref. integrated.

    I think i need a amplifier with higher resolution but i like the flow the Lavardin IS Ref. has.
    I think i need a amplifier with surplus abilityes in the soundstage (dont know how else to put this) you know like a bit more of everything. You take a blanket or 2 of the soundstage
    I think i need a amplifier that can give me the last effortness so that i can flow away in the music.

    My suggenstion: Audionet Watt - Ypselon Phaethon - VIVA Solista - Analog Domain The ISIS M75D - Kondo Overture PM-2i

    Thats it. Hope you understand and are trying not to laugh too much

    Best regards

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    Hi Dennis, and welcome to the forums.

    My choice would be the Audionet Watt. We have had Audionet electronics in a couple of systems in our home and the brand is some of the best solid state I've ever heard, if not the best. They deliver powerful sound; pinpoint accuracy, without sacrificing the emotional engagement; space between the instruments, and the music wraps around my head. Actually, I think the brand covers everything that you desire.

    Ypsilon and Viva are excellent brands and I've been impressed at the audio shows, but I don't have enough experience to comment further. Not familiar with the Kondo.

    Good luck and keep us posted.

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    Hi Terry

    Thanks, and thank you for your opinion and experience with the products. The only integrated i can hear here in Denmark is the Kondo, (i have heard it but now as then i did not have the money and i have to wait 2 years more) But for me it is worth waiting for.

    So now i have 2 year to listen to these integrated amps in different systems, and then i will decide which two i should take home and compare. But i promise that i will keep you posted.

    Anyone else that have some thoughts about this?

    I can add that after the integrated amp. i wish at second set of speakers. I already know that it is going to be the Revel Ultima Studio 2 or the JMR ORFEO SUPREME V2 (but that is longer into the future)

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    I am going to agree here with Terry. Every speaker we have heard any Audionet on is simply the best. That video I filmed several years ago in Munich with the Audionets on the KEF Blade is still fresh in my mind. Here is a speaker that until that day was very disappointing. It was "shouty" and the bass never integrated with the midrange. The Audionet solved that. In fact, that system remains one of the all time greats in my memory. I would also put on my short list the D'Agostino integrated. Dan told me he thought it may be his best design ever. And I'll toss out a game changer... the Aavik U-300. This integrated is a Swiss army knife with an on board DAC and phono stage. It is the most organic switching amplifier I've ever heard.

    Back to the Audionet... at last year's Munich show the Audionet was stunning on the Sonos Fabers.

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    Hi Peter

    Thank you for your point of view. I have actualy heard the Aavik U-300 here in Denmark with Raidho speakers ( from the small to the big D4.1, a long but good day)
    I agree that it is at very very good amplifier, but i prefer the flow and high resolution that the Kondo Overture has. It is not as powerful as the Aavik though.
    I might also should talk to Benno (if he has time) about Gamut and their new more organic sound (Since he has taken over)

    I will for sure try the Audionet Watt in my system.

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