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Thread: Hi from Melbourne

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    Hi from Melbourne

    Just joined.. love the videos .. been into 2 channel for a long time .. now have a vinyl only system in my listening room and use a network system and iphone for music in the rest of the house. Listening room system is :
    Front end - Doehmann Helix1 / SME V / airtight pc1 supreme
    Thrax Orpheus Phono
    Thrax Dionysius Preamp
    Pass Labs XA 160.5 mono and X250.5 vertically biamped
    Speakers German Physiks Borderland markIV
    Cables Kubala Sosna Emotion

    Look forward to the discussions on the forum

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    Welcome to the forum, meldiscman!

    You have assembled quite an impressive system, congratulations.

    We'll be publishing a Doehmann Helix1 video review shortly. Very good TT. I love how it makes even my old scratchy rock albums sound musical.

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