Review by Steve Deckert of Decware High Fidelity Engineering - of these new Feb 2017 tapes....

UltraAnalogue Recordings Review

04/14/17 at 18:34:05 Can you imagine what it would be like to have a Steinway piano and violin in your listening room? ...Both made of the wood from this earth and free of the parasitic contamination of transistors, microprocessors, plastics and electricity and amplification?

Such an experience transcends even the live event because the illusion of reality is so overwhelmingly strong that even though it is being reproduced in your listening room, it is somehow still completely real. How, you ask?

Well, if you've been following the steady upgrades to the UltraAnalogue recording and playback process you know that a new level of fidelity has been achieved.

Some new tapes from UltraAnalogue now featuring this ultra refined level of playback are now available on their website!

These new recordings have become my personal reference for absolute purity in analogue recordings. No other LP or Tape that I own from a technical sound quality perspective is this refined, therefor it raises the benchmark to a new level.

Make no mistake about the fact that having such refinement and perfection of recording is a complete waste of time without musicians that are equally exceptional. No one wants a holy grail recording of something that's not impressive sounding to begin with. It only makes sense to match the worlds best live 2 channel direct to tape recording chain with some of the world's best musicians. While I have never shaken their hands, Tatsuki Narita & Yun-Yang Lee are simply mind numbingly good at what they do. I feel like I know them both because their presence was felt during the playback of the tape.

As a result of this type of refinement, the emotion of the music is communicated in a way that moves well beyond what is possible when watching the videos! That's correct, the powerful visual of seeing these performances on video can not compete emotionally with hearing only the sound from our tape machines... and that is saying a lot because we all know that video will make mid-fi sound much better than it actually is and a YouTube digital compressed video is mid-fi..

The first of these new tapes I had the pleasure of experiencing contained Beethoven Violin Sonata #8 and Sararsate Zapateado & Meditation. Playful, Dynamic, Delicate. I had to listen to this tape three times back to back, then took a break to let it sink in and then spun it one more time before bed. It's that good.

The second tape I enjoyed was Zigeunerweisen and Brahms Hungarian Dances, specifically Zigeunerweisen is paired with Beethoven Violin Sonata #3 and Brahms Dances is paired with Beethoven Violin Sonata #5 (Spring).

These are fun pieces to listen to and exceptional for anyone with a short classical attention span. Again, I have listened to this reel 6 times so far, and just beginning to remember the music on it having been so completely distracted by the fidelity. I mean, when something sounds REAL in your listening room and it's not there, well, that's pretty distracting so you have to listen to the tapes many many many times and it's certain to be the most fun you've ever had when that happens.

These recordings are so over the top good, with the blackest inky backgrounds that when the violin goes soft and subtle it does so in such a contrast to the black background that it's power is increased not diminished. It's a new experience in stereo playback and I look forward to a lot more of it.

You can see these recordings as they happened in these 3 videos on Youtube...

These tapes can be ordered from UltraAnalgue Recordings web site at this link:


Edward Pong