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Thread: Chasing The Dragon MASTER TAPES

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    Chasing The Dragon MASTER TAPES

    Over the years our Chasing the Dragon record label has probably become best known for producing direct cut LPs. However, with the resurgence of interest in reel to reel tapes, we have been approached by many people asking us to release reel to reel copy master tapes, of our albums.

    During each recording session we ran our 1/2" Studer A820 at 30ips creating a master tape. Even though the sessions were recorded direct to the cutting lathe at Air studios, I always had at the back of my mind the thought that one day, making available copy masters to the public, would be very interesting and exciting.

    We have now decided to go ahead with this project. The master tapes will be played from my 1/2" Studer A820, onto a 1/4" Studer A80 @ 15ips CCIR, using specially modified electronics at Air Studios here in London.

    Obviously in creating the tapes, we would endeavour to maintain the highest quality that we have hopefully become known for. Although this process will take a little time to set up, I thought it may be nice to inform people of our first titles which should appear below.

    Thank you everyone for your kind interest and attention, we live in exciting times!

    Kind regards

    Mike Valentine

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    I hear from so many companies about tapes and they are all saying that orders are way up!
    So you have hit the market at the right time!

    I actually bought your Sid Lawrence LP, (I liked the tape version best).

    Best of luck with your new venture, let me know if you want me to put you on the list of companies selling master tape copies on my web site.
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    Lots of love for tapes in this neck of the woods, Mike. Welcome!


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